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Understanding Hip Pain

Arthritis is the cause of many hip joint problems. Because of this, many people who have it need surgery on their hips. Bone death and tears in the cartilage can also lead to joint problems. Many conditions may require hip surgery, like arthroscopy after other non-surgical treatments have not helped.

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What to Expect During Hip Replacement Surgery

Before – Your tests will include a physical exam, blood and urine samples, an electrocardiogram, a stress test, a chest X-ray, and a chest radiograph. These tests are to prepare you for surgery

During – Most of the time, you will be taken to the hospital on the day of your hip surgery. You should wear cheap, loose-fitting clothes to your surgery so that you can move around more easily during the procedure and when you get home

After – On average, it takes between two and four weeks to recover from hip surgery, but everyone is different. It depends on what kind of surgery you received, your level of activity before surgery, your age, your diet, any health problems you already had, and other aspects of your lifestyle

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