Fracture Care

Getting Fracture Care at Orthopedic and Spine Centers of Wisconsin

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Understanding Fractures

Bones get broken all the time. If you think you’ve broken your hand, hip, arm, or another bone, contact Orthopedic & Spine Centers of Wisconsin right away to make an appointment with a fracture care specialist. The faster you get the care you need for a broken bone, the better your chances are of healing correctly and avoiding problems like pain and limited range of motion for the rest of your life.

What are The Symptoms of a Bone Fracture?

Even though the only way to know for sure if you have broken a bone is to get an X-ray or an MRI, you can look for some common signs of a fracture as soon as the injury happens.

Common signs of a fracture can include:

Loss of motion
Pain when bearing weight

Treatment for Fractures

To treat a fracture, the first step is to figure out where and how it broke. Once the fracture is found, one of our specialists will put the bone in the right place for healing and then put a cast, sling, or brace on it, depending on where the break is.

For more complicated fractures, surgery may be needed.

At Orthopedic & Spine Centers of Wisconsin, our physicians are here to help you. Set up an appointment today if you are struggling with a fracture injury.

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